What analytical dataWhat analytical datato take into account to evaluate the effectiveness of your website

What analytical data to take into account to evaluate the effectiveness of your website.

When you decide to promote your business on the internet through a showcase or e-commerce website, it is necessary to analyze the statistical data of it to know if it is effective.

How do you know if your website is effective?

The analysis of a website is very important, especially in the definition of a marketing or SEO strategy. The implementation of this in-depth analysis of the statistics of a website will allow you to realize its effectiveness. Depending on the statistics you will find, you will then make your own conclusions. You will then be able to set goals.

Thanks to this data, you will be able to make changes to improve your website so that it can have more visibility, in particular by optimizing the content and the user experience.

What tools should be used for the exploitation of data from a website?

The tools to use are based on your objectives as well as the data you wish to acquire. Today a large number of tools are effective in collecting all the data you need, but we are going to present the best known to you and in particular the tools made available to you by the Google search engine:

Google search console, will allow you to see the behavior of consumers and Internet users on your website. You will be able to analyze which pages they visit the most but also the time spent per session. This tool is very useful for you to see the pages that attract the most audience.

Google Analytics, is a tool that combines with Google search console but which offers a much more precise follow-up with the number of visitors, the session time but also the bounce rate etc.

Google my business, is the software that allows you to be at the top of the list during searches, etc. This allows you to make visible your customer reviews, your telephone number, the address of your company as well as the link of your website. You also have the possibility of highlighting blog articles, offers, etc. On this software you can then set up an analysis on the number of clicks that you collect on the different elements highlighted.
What do the indicators on Google's analytics tools mean?

Even if some are similar or closely related, all indicators are important since they will allow you to have a detailed view of your website. The indicators present in these tools encourage the questioning and redefinition of strategies and objectives. Here are the most relevant elements to see if your website is effective:

The number of visitors : You can see the total number of visitors to your website in a chosen time (per week, per month, etc.)
The number of unique visits: this corresponds to the number of people who have seen your website without counting the number of visits per user.
Average duration of visits: This data will allow you to see how long Internet users stay on your website on average.

Bounce rate : The bounce rate will tell you the number of people who will enter and leave your website directly. The causes may be due to poor targeting, the absence of an optimal user experience but also the loading time of the pages (knowing that a user leaves after a wait of 2 seconds)

Exit rate : The higher this rate is on a page, the more the page should be reviewed. This means that this page is the page where the majority of callers exited.
Acquisition by channel: This feature will allow you to see through which levers consumers, leads and customers come to your website.

Conversion rate : The conversion rate corresponds to the number of visits to the account compared to the number of sales. If the ratio is low, it means that you are not pushing your prospects enough to buy your products and services.

Keywords : You can check your positioning thanks to natural referencing, and see what words you rank on. You can use the free or paid versions of Semrush, Ubersuggest or Neilpatel software.

Views by device : Your website should normally be accessible on all devices. This is called responsive. With this function you will see the percentage of appearance of your website according to the screens used.

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