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At Uncoded Digital, we have a team of enthusiasts in different core businesses that are connected, which is why we are constantly working closely together to offer you a quality service that will suit you best.

We advise you on your business strategy based on our experience and a 360 vision of tech issues: UX, acquisition, SEO, SEA, choice of service providers and technical tools.




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Expertises Expertises Transparency, excellence and agility.

One mission : to transform your ideas.
All the expertise : support, design, development, to make your project a success.

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Your project with our touch of emotions. We use and master the latest technologies, so that we can always guarantee you the best for your projects.

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    Voice Search : What Impact Does it Have on SEO ?

    Voice search refers to the ability to make a query orally by addressing directly a smartphone or any other device equipped with artificial intelligence. Through automatic speech recognition, we can communicate with our various connected devices.

    Decoding the crucial impact of mobile marketing !

    Mobile marketing involves promoting a business by adapting its communication to the device used, specifically smartphones. As the needs of mobile users differ from those on tablets or computers, mobile marketing requires the creation of a strategy aimed at addressing the specific needs of mobile users.

    Essential tools to boost your online visibility !

    Paid advertising, also known as Search Engine Advertising (SEA), is a method to appear on search engine results pages in the advertising section. Adwords advertising campaigns operate on the purchase of keywords.

    The strategic benefits of enlisting an agency for your Community Management

    Community Management has experienced significant growth over the past decade. Today, companies are placing increasing importance on social media, deploying posts and campaigns to promote their brand and concept.

    What analytical data to take into account to evaluate the effectiveness of your website

    When you decide to promote your business on the internet through a showcase or e-commerce website, it is necessary to analyze the statistical data of it to know if it is effective.

    5 tips for establishing long-term communication

    Design is a broad concept that represents the process of creating products based on technical and aesthetic excellence