The strategicbenefits of enlisting an agency for your Community Management

Community Management has experienced significant growth over the past decade. Today, companies are placing increasing importance on social media, deploying posts and campaigns to promote their brand and concept.

But what is Community Management ?

Companies have realized that they cannot handle the management of their social media presence alone. That's why, in most cases, they turn to a specialized agency in Community Management or hire an individual dedicated to overseeing the complete social media management of the company.

Community Management involves implementing ideas aimed at increasing visibility while promoting the services and products of the company to expand the customer base and, consequently, boost sales.

The goal of Community Management is to create content for the company while increasing visibility among target consumers to drive sales. Advertising campaigns on social media prove particularly effective in promoting an offer or one of the services you provide.

A community manager doesn't have the sole purpose of creating content on social media; they have many other missions that contribute to high-quality and in-depth work. While social media platforms are indeed visually oriented, creating beautiful visuals alone is not sufficient.

What is your role as a community manager ?

A community manager doesn't have the sole purpose of creating content on social media; they have many other missions that contribute to high-quality and in-depth work. While social media platforms are indeed visually oriented, creating beautiful visuals alone is not sufficient. The goal of community management is to raise awareness of the brand from scratch and help build a loyal community that can later purchase the products and services of the company.

To begin with, there is foundational work to be done on the business by determining certain points such as:

  1. Defining Targets: Every company has a different target audience based on the industry, offerings, etc. Targets are defined by factors such as age, gender, daily habits, and many others.

  2. Defining Networks: Depending on the industry or the type of products or services the company sells, it is sometimes more relevant to prioritize one network over another. This is determined by analyzing the competition.

  3. Conducting Research: Before creating content, the person in charge of community management sets up research on competitors, trends, etc., to meet consumer expectations and create posts that resonate with the preferences of the target audience.

  4. Implementing Strategy: The social media communication strategy involves setting goals for reach and conversions to measure the impact on the target audience. All these objectives must be determined in advance within a specified time frame.

Following this, the creation and writing of posts come in line with the established strategy:

  1. Building an Editorial Calendar: Establishing an editorial calendar is crucial for organizing and having an overall view of the posts you will create and publish.

  2. Writing and Designing Posts: A community manager creates unique posts and real content (video posts) linked to a strategic objective. They also establish a strong brand image that highlights the company for which they work.

  3. Scheduling and Publishing Posts: To maintain consistency, it is often essential to have posts scheduled in advance. Posting everything at once and then nothing is not favorable; hence, a balance and regularity are necessary. Scheduling posts allows for better fluidity.

Finally, the person in charge of community management will conduct analyses and perform various tasks to increase your visibility among consumers and make you known:

  1. Creating a Community: The more present you are with your consumers, and if your content aligns with their expectations, the more interactions you will generate, and an increasing number of subscribers can become potential leads.

  2. Fostering Interactions: By implementing a traffic strategy, the company can become known more quickly and stimulate more interactions between internet users and its brand.

  3. Interactive Customer Service: The community manager's mission is to respond to questions from consumers or internet users who ask questions on the company's social media. Consumers find it easier to send a message on social media to get answers rather than sending an email.

  4. Analyzing Impact: To determine if the posts and actions have a real impact and increase the number of clients or meet the given objectives, the community manager will conduct statistical analysis to demonstrate the results of the campaigns.

What are the objectives of a social media campaign ?

Being a Community Manager also involves achieving a multitude of objectives for each client, pursuing specific goals such as:

Regarding the company's visibility:

  • Developing visibility
  • Increasing brand recognition
  • Engaging and creating a community
  • Fostering customer loyalty
  • Creating a genuine, recognizable brand image that people can identify with
  • Strengthening trust and credibility in the company
  • Enhancing digital visibility

Concerning the sale of the company's products or services:

  • Lead generation
  • Boosting sales: creating calls to action for prospective customers
  • Generating interactions
  • Creating qualified leads

Regarding less favorable and rather negative actions:

  • Crisis management
  • Handling negative publicity and brand rumors
  • Discrediting false information about the company
  • Managing the after-sales service for the company's products or services on all social media platforms

Concerning the promotion of the company:

  • Promotion of a service
  • Promotion of a specific product
  • Promotion of the company
  • Promotion related to an offer


This is why, as a company, it is preferable to engage an agency for social media management. Our web agency in Paris & Villeneuve Les Avignon provides community managers who adapt to your needs and offer high-quality photo and video content! For more information, feel free to contact us by phone or directly through our website.