Relax and let the evening end in style: if that's exactly what you need, come and check out the "Le Chateau" nightclub in Beaucaire, France. A heated outdoor area that provides you with a superb atmosphere and invites you to stay longer.

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Uncoded Digital - Flyers - Visual Identity - Le Chateau Discotheque
Uncoded Digital - Project La Divina Afterhours London


La Divina events are inspirational, but never commercial, they always holds a hint of dark underground and untouched London club-scene in the base.

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FDVM is a house music DJ from the city of Lille in the north of France. With what started off as a way to unleash his passion for creating house music, he has achieved a rapid rise of fame, culminating in international tours at world-renown venues and festivals, a regular radio show, millions and millions of streams globally, as well as collaborations with nameworthy fellow artists.

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Uncoded Digital - Project FDVM
Uncoded Digital - Project Switch Entertainment


Switch Entertainment has since developed many activities, the management of djs and artists, international bookings, event production and distribution on labels ...

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The Amsterdam Dance Event, better known by the acronym ADE, is a Dutch electronic music trade fair and festival held annually over five days in October.

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Amsterdam Dance Event
Uncoded Digital - Project Kayligs


Kayligs is a French DJ and producer of Laval origin. After several years traveling around France as a DJ for festivals or parties (Courchevel, St-Tropez, Nantes, etc.) Kayligs decides to launch a new challenge with a new musical identity that cultivates anonymity and immerses the listener in a nostalgic and mysterious universe.

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